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    Welcome to English @ SUNY Geneseo

    There are lots of reasons to join us here. English @ SUNY Geneseo is a space where English majors and faculty can work together across different courses or across different sections of the same course. It’s also a platform for students and faculty sharing a particular interest — creative writing, say, or Irish Studies — to explore that interest together and publish some of their work to a wider public.

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    Spread the news

    Course management systems typically keep blog and wiki conversation sequestered inside this course or that. But often students and faculty have something to say that’s relevant across courses — certainly across sections of the same course. The Reader and Text blog is for students in the English department’s gateway course in the major. It’s part of a larger site for bringing the students across all sections o […]

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    We’ve got blogs

    The creative writing group uses a CommentPress blog to post drafts of their work and give each other feedback.

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    Guide to Life’s Beauty and Value?

    Well, maybe that’s going a little far. But we certainly hope English @ SUNY Geneseo will be a starting point for lively discussion about life, beauty, value, and other concerns that tie students and faculty together in the English major.


English @ SUNY Geneseo is an online community for SUNY Geneseo students, faculty, and staff in the English major and related programs.

We also welcome alumni, fellow-travelers from other Geneseo departments, and anyone collaborating with SUNY Geneseo English on a project.

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